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Empower your team members to identify changes to their work processes making them more responsive to customer demands.

LeanTeams Game

Online learning simulation game based around processing customer orders from several customers using virtual workflows.

Objectives of game

The aim of LeanTeams is to highlight the typical inefficiencies that are found in organisations and workflow process environments.

Benefits for Your Employees

By setting the training online in a collaborative work environment, it replicates the tools that your team members use daily, but perhaps not to their full potential.

Benefits for your Organisation

LeanTeams enables existing work teams to continuously improve their work processes capability through online lean training and 1:1 mentoring with expert mentors.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

“I really enjoyed the training sessions.  The information was very clear and all instructors were very helpful.  I look forward to completing my Yellow Belt project.”

“I really enjoyed the training and the challenges that were given. I would recommend this to others.”Alexion Pharmaceuticals Logo

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

“I really enjoyed this training.  It was impeccable how the information was accurately delivered especially over the online platform.

Great instructors, and flow!”


Alexion Pharmaceuticals Logo

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