Brian O’Connor

Business Trainer & Mentor

Brian O’Connor is an experienced Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Facilitator.  He specialises in working with businesses and individuals to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude.  His aim is to help them move to the next level.

Brian has extensive business experience working in the corporate and SME sectors for over 30 years.  His knowledge and experience include sales, compliance, HR, property and sports management.  This allows him to challenge individuals to set out their vision of where they want to take their business and how to get there.

His core skills include the following:

  • Working with high achievers from top companies operating in Ireland to help them set and achieve their goals.
  • Delivering processes to turn low performance to high performance.
  • Working with businesses at a crisis stage to help them work through difficult situations and come out stronger.
  • Collaborating with HR professionals on Recruitment and Retention Strategies.
  • Implementing CRM processes to achieve higher quality sales and improved customer retention levels.
  • Delivering communications training to resolve internal disputes amicably, allowing businesses to retain valuable members of staff.

Areas of Expertise