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Dublin College of Advanced Studies (DCAS) was set up in 2007 and is an English language school with two campuses located in the heart of Dublin City. They have a team of diligent, experienced, friendly, committed and passionate teachers who support students towards their language learning goals.

The school is recognised by the Department of Education and Skills and Department of Justice and Equality, offering its programmes to international students.


Lean Business Course:

Lean Business Tools

The main objectives were to achieve an efficient and clear process for revising and implementing policies and procedures in the company using Lean Management tools.  This involved establishing a process that was easy to follow, customer focused and gave more responsibility to the individual team members.  Through clear processes, internal and external communication was improved, enhancing the experience for all stakeholders.

Some of the key challenges for this project was a lack of standardised policies and procedures as well as inconsistency in communicating changes to the relevant team members.  As a result, a lack of clarity lead to many queries being directed to the administration team.

One of the key changes for this process was a review and standardisation of policies and procedures.  This resulted in a more efficient operation using less resources.


A key result for this business was that the  service value increased by 7.5%.  Although there was no financial visibility of the added value, the student’s perception of more content being delivered helped to promote an improved quality of service.  Better customer experience for this business resulted in more repeat business.

“The LEO Lean Programme really delivered know-how beyond my expectations.  The initial training/workshops were really educational showing how the application of Lean Management Tools can bring real positive results for our organisation. The Programme really made a difference to our business with the further support of 5 mentor sessions.  Top 5 Star Programme for business in Ireland!”  Bruno D’Alessio, Head of Operations

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