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Highline Office Technology are experts in the area of Managed Print Service and Document Management Solutions.

They ensure that your office has fit for purpose office equipment that will support the business growth, ensure cost efficient solutions and drive productivity with printers, copiers, scanners, shredders and safes.


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Lean Business Course:

Lean Business Tools

The project objective was to simplify the quotation process allowing staff to spend more time on increasing sales and delivering excellent customer service.

One of the key challenges for this business was that customer records were recorded on paper.

A number of key changes were analysed and implemented.  A detailed project plan was designed to assign a project owner complete the solution assessment and costings of the project plus any ongoing subscription costs.
In addition detailed requirements were defined.  Deliverables were sequenced, tests were carried out, user guides were documented and finally training was prepared.


Following completion of this course, the company achieved significant results.  The time taken to provide a quotation for a customer was radically improved.  All quote data was held in one place and can be easily retrieved by staff.  This one process was standardised and followed consistently in all cases.

“I found the interaction with Michael invaluable. Dealing with him really made me look at the time it takes to do even the simplest task in our company and the numerous steps involved. This was certainly an eye opener. Now I have a vision of the way the process we worked on should look. Going forward, I will be able to work on implementing the ideas we discussed.”