Do you want to improve the problem-solving skills of your team?  Is it difficult to raise issues within your organisation?


Kaizen is a philosophy that encourages continuous, incremental changes in all aspects of a business to improve the whole organisation.  All functions of a business from operations to management are enhanced.  Kaizen is a process that involves everyone in the company from shop floor to senior management.

By challenging the status quo, you make small changes to your processes.  Over time, these incremental changes add up to make a significant impact on your team and overall organisation.

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Kaizen follows the Shewhart cycle, Deming cycle, or PDCA.  It gives your teams a structured approach to problem solving with the goal of improving the standard work.  This training programme has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to perform a Kaizen Event in your organisation.  

Build Teams and Problem-Solving Capabilities

Improves Communication and Minimises Conflict

Improve End-to-End Process Flow and Accuracy

Create a More Focused and Profitable Business

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“The training was based on the Lean principles and delivered in a very professional manner by Steve Halpin.  It was evident the the Kaizen approach of looking for business improvements must be part of our culture on a continual basis. The course mentors really engaged me and re-echoed the need to strive for the following: eliminate the wasteful activities, re-look and simplify existing processes, keep processes simple but continuous improvements are essential.  We must be unrelenting in the drive for continuous business improvements.  I learned a lot and will do more work on Lean principles.”

“This course has helped us to understand how to map out processes and prioritise changes through Kaizen.  This has really been of enormous value.  It enabled us to come to the same conclusion and agree on what would be most impactful to improve the business as it grows.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Voice of the Customer
  • Problem Statements
  • Data Gathering
  • Seven Analysis Tools :
    • The Event
    • Prioritising Changes
    • Implementation Plan
    • Execution
    • Check and Sustain
    • Standardisation
    • Typical Results

Following completion of this Kaizen Training Programme, participants will be able to:

    • Form a small working group to make process improvements
    • Define a clear problem statement and Voice of the Customer
    • Brainstorm ideas effectively
    • Analyse and prioritise issues from all stakeholders
    • Implement changes to a process
    • Evaluate the impact of changes
    • Standardise successful changes and learn from changes that don’t improve the process or the customer experience

It is recommended that Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and all staff involved in process improvement attend this course.

All participants receive an ETAC Certificate of Attendance.

This training programme is designed for online learning and mentor sessions. Please contact us for further details.

Contact us for further details.

Case Studies

You can also read our case studies to see how our clients used Kaizen to improve their business.