Lean Business Tools

Lean Business Tools

Lean Business Tools introduces Lean business into an organisation through the delivery of quality process improvements.  Above all, this programme teaches each participant how to successfully use Lean improvement tools.  The course is project-based and each attendee will deliver a practical process improvement in his/her own company.

Lean Business Tools is run over 12 weeks consisting of 10 online training sessions and 8 expert 1:1 mentor visits.

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Better Employee Engagement throughout your Company

Make individual and departmental responsibilities crystal clear

Improve the quality of your product or service

Create a More Focused and Profitable Business

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“What goes beyond other training options are the mentoring sessions.  These coaching sessions make the whole thing practical and bring it into the real world.  This sets it apart form other training programmes.  This gave us a scaleable model to improve and streamline our business.” 

“Lean was always something we tried to implement. However, this programme helps you think in a different, smarter way.  It opens your mind to not only challenging how you do things but making this a team task.  The onsite mentoring was fantastic as you got the chance to really explore and examine your existing processes and procedures.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mentor Session 1 : Course Preparation and Project Selection
  • Lesson 1: The 5 Principles of Lean – Defining Customer Value, The 10 Wastes
  • Lesson 2: Business Simulation – Project Charter & Supporting Data
  • Lesson 3: Business Simulation – Kaizen
  • Mentor Session 2: Project Charter & Supporting Data
  • Lesson 4: Business Simulation – 8-Step Problem-Solving
  • Mentor Session 3: Kaizen & Countermeasures
  • Lesson 5: Business Simulation – Value Stream Mapping
  • Mentor Session 4: Value Stream Mapping
  • Lesson 6: 5S Workplace Organisation & Kanban
  • Mentor Session 5: 5S & Kanban
  • Lesson 7: SMED
  • Lesson 8: Standard Work
  • Lesson 9: Asset Care
  • Mentor Session 6: SMED & Asset Care
  • Mentor Session 7: Project Evaluation & Standardisation
  • Mentor Session 8: Project Evaluation & Standardisation
  • Lesson 10: Final Project Presentations
  • Assess an organisation against the 5 principles and 10 wastes
  • Define project terms of reference
  • How to run a Kaizen event
  • The 8-step process improvement methodology
  • Assess lead times in a business with Value Stream Mapping 
  • The 5S approach to workplace organisation
  • Control of material or information with Kanban
  • Reduce changeover or critical time windows with SMED
  • Define standard practice with Standard Work
  • Ensure better efficiency with Asset Care programme

Credit is quantified in multiples of 5 FET credits (up to 50 hours of learner effort). Learner effort is based on the time taken by typical learners at the level of the award to achieve the learning outcomes for the award. It includes all learning time involved including: guided learning hours, self-directed learning and assessment.


Managers, supervisors, team leaders and key staff involved in process improvement across any industry.

Successful participants receive a QQI Award NFQ Level 5

This programme is run over 12 weeks. Your commitment is estimated at 8 to 10 hours per week.

Contact us for further details.

As we use video conferencing and online whiteboards, you will need:

For 1080p HD video: an internet speed of at least 3.8Mbps/0.3Mbps (up/down), the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, set to accept cookies and pop-ups, and a computer equipped with camera & microphone.

Case Studies

You can also read our case studies to see how our clients used Lean Business Tools to improve their business.