Lean Introduction for Leaders

Lean Introduction for Leaders

You’ve heard about Lean business but not sure what it is?

Does a Lean approach make sense for my business?

What is my role in implementing a Lean approach in my business?

This programme introduces the Lean approach to business and specifically the leadership role within that approach.  The leadership approach is centred on the principles associated with the Toyota Production System as defined by Shigeo Shingo.



Lean Introduction

Better Employee Engagement throughout your Company

Improve and Enhance your Customer Experience

Improve End-to-End Process Flow and Accuracy

Create a More Focused and Profitable Business

Leader discussing lean project

“A real bonus I have achieved from this new approach is that I have become more skilled at discussing problems with our staff and uncovering the solutions together.  This course has broadened our minds greatly to a new approach to managing our business for the future.”

“I found the course exceeded my expectations.  There are many opportunities to transfer what I learned on this programme to day-to-day business activities, particularly workplace organisation and waste elimination.”

Lean Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

  • History & Introduction to Lean Business
  • Five Lean Principles
  • Process Improvement Methodology
  • Common Lean Tools
  • Implementation of these Tools and Principles
  • Action Planning
  • Understand the concept and origins of Lean Business
  • An overview of the Shingo Model
  • Learn best practices for a successful implementation of Lean
  • Explore the 10 principles of the Shingo Model through case studies and videos
  • Practical examples of the leadership approach required for successful implementation of a Lean approach

This programme is aimed at management teams looking for an introduction to Lean business thinking.

All participants receive an ETAC Certificate of Attendance.

This programme is delivered via online learning sessions. Please contact us for further details.

Contact us for further details.

Case Studies

You can also read our case studies to see how our clients used Lean Introduction for Leaders to improve their business.