Lean Leadership

Lean Leadership

Are you working excessively long hours as a leader in your business? 

Do you have the right systems and supports to scale your business? 

Is there a need for more staff to ‘buy-in’ to the company vision?

Lean Leadership is aimed at leaders and senior decision makers in organisations. The programme specifically addresses the role of the leadership team in the business approach. 

An understanding of Lean Tools will be delivered through ETAC’s Lean business simulation. The Shingo Model provides the framework for the leadership role. This starts with a clear direction for the business which can be translated into meaningful and measurable goals for the organisation.

Lean Leadership

Each participant will work on defining their role within the lean approach and how this differs from traditional management styles.

The overall aim is to build capability and capacity within your company and we will explore the challenges and possible solutions to achieve employee engagement.

Having identified critical success factors, the homework and mentor sessions will assist each business with their local challenges to implement lean thinking in their business and achieve improvements on these key factors.

Build a Lean Culture in your organisation

Identify behaviours that will focus on the important matters

Build the processes and the people in your organisation

Achieve better staff engagement and increase employee morale

Lean Leader

“The Principles of Lean are deceptively simple, so simple that their potential benefit, when applied to any organisation can be under-estimated. Learning about Lean helps any organisation to identity value adding opportunities. For example, an awareness of what constitutes “waste” in any organisation. The presenters and mentors bring a wealth of business acumen and experience of successful lean initiatives. In short lean works and has universal application in any work environment where people want to add or create value.”   

“When I began this course, I did not know what Lean management was, and I was not sure that I would find the course beneficial.  However, by the end of the first day, I had a good understanding of Lean principles, and I was already thinking of the many applications it had to my business. The key to this course is – you get out of it what you put in.  If you work hard, you will see huge improvements in your workflow, stock management and much more.  This is an excellent, informative course, which I thoroughly enjoyed”

Lean Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction to Lean Leadership & Principles
  • Lean Business Simulation
  • Problem-Solving methodology
  • Gemba Mgt (Go-Look-See, Gemba Walks)
  • Standardisation  (1 Best Way, Leader Standard Work)
  • Shingo Model of Enterprise Excellence
  • Strategy & Alignment – Establish Vision
  • Communication – Front line Dashboards 
  • Employee Engagement
  • Link between Continuous Improvement & Employee Engagement
  • Key Lean Systems 5 Alignment (Tier Mgt System, Today / Tomorrow)
  • Leadership (Manager v Leader, Transformational / Transactional / Lean)
  • Cultural enablers / Employee engagement
  • Next Steps – Developing a Lean Roadmap
  • How leading in a Lean environment is different
  • The Key Lean Systems that Leaders need to pay special attention to
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Vision & Mission for your business
  • Critical Success Factors, High Level Objectives
  • Strategy, supporting KPI’s & site dashboard
  • Hoshin X Matrix
  • Standardised Visual Management system 
  • A greater appreciation of the role of leadership
  • Strategies to improve employee engagement

Leaders and senior decision makers in SME organisations, typically with more than 30 employees and turnover of over €1m

All participants receive an ETAC Certificate of Completion

Lean Leadership is run over 12 weeks consisting of 8 half-day training sessions. and an initial mentor 1-1 session to plan your implementation.

The classroom training programme is delivered over 8 half days. Each participant has an option of follow-up mentor sessions to assist ion the application of lean principles to their own work. This is highly recommended.

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As we use video conferencing and online whiteboards, you will need the following.  For 1080p HD video: an internet speed of at least 3.8Mbps/0.3Mbps (up/down), the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, set to accept cookies and pop-ups, and a computer equipped with camera & microphone.

Case Studies

You can also read our case studies to see how our clients used Lean Leadership to improve their business.