Team-based games are the most effective way to enable organisations to know experience the power of Lean.  Not only do these learning experience teach the concepts of Lean, but just as importantly they enable team members to experience directly the team working and human factors aspects of making work processes more effective. 

LeanTeams online training is run over 8 weeks consisting of 2 online classroom sessions and 5 expert mentor 1-1 sessions.  This is followed by a process improvement presentation.  In addition, you will need to complete a 30 min onboarding session (approximately one week prior to training).

Lean Teams

Increase Employee Morale throughout your Company

Improve communication and minimise conflicts

Free up people to do more strategic and proactive work

Create a More Focused and Profitable Business

Lean Team Meeting

“I really enjoyed the course.  I found the mentor sessions really useful as they challenged me to think about the impact of my project in a totally different but more powerful way.”

“I really enjoyed the programme, especially the 1:1 mentoring which allowed me to take a reasonably complex concept and whittle it down to two concise process improvements that should improve business practice.”

LeanTeams Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Onboarding Session
  • Business Simulation
  • Kaizen
  • DMAIC or 8 Step Problem-Solving
  • Countermeasures
  • Process Mapping
  • Takt Time
  • Ten Lean business wastes
  • Standard Work
  • Construct a problem statement to clearly outline the business challenge
  • Document the Voice of the Customer
  • Understand a business dashboard
  • The DMAIC or 8-step process improvement methodology
  • Process mapping
  • Use TAKT time to identify process bottlenecks
  • Run a Kaizen event and identify countermeasures
  • Use an Impact/Ease chart to prioritise ideas
  • Understand the 10 Lean business wastes
  • The application of standard work

LeanTeams online training is suitable for any participant in any role. As the training is delivered online, basic PC skills will be required.

All participants receive an ETAC Certificate of Attendance.

LeanTeams is run over 8 weeks consisting of 2 online classroom sessions and 5 mentor 1-1 sessions followed by a process improvement presentation.

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As we use video conferencing and online whiteboards, you will need:

For 1080p HD video: an internet speed of at least 3.8Mbps/0.3Mbps (up/down), the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, set to accept cookies and pop-ups, and a computer equipped with camera & microphone.

Case Studies

You can also read our case studies to see how our clients used LeanTeams to improve their business.