Martina Murphy

Business Mentor

Martina Murphy is keen to work with organisations where the cultural values align with her own personal beliefs.  These are deeply rooted in integrity and respect.  As a business mentor, Martina is committed to working with leaders to implement and encourage cultures of continuous improvement.  Furthermore, she focuses on eliminating waste and adds value to our client’s companies.  Consequently, this has resulted in increased profitability and sustainability for these businesses. 

By way of background, Martina started and managed her own business.  This gives her an insight into the dynamics and challenges of entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Then, she worked for many years in a corporate environment.  Here, she worked with the company from start-up phase through acquisitions to become part of a global operation.  She was responsible for achieving operational excellence in a a highly regulated sector across a diverse geographic portfolio.  As a result, Martina knows and understands the unique opportunities and challenges companies face as they evolve and grow. 

During her career, she also gained invaluable experience in consistently achieving a brand promise and exceeding customer expectations.  As a Lean Mentor, Martina has a proven track record of achieving success for our clients by empowering people to grow and succeed.  She does this by embedding a strong engaged culture and inspiring commitment to a shared vision.

Areas of Expertise