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MCS Computers Limited

MCS Computers Ltd deliver a portfolio of economical, flexible business management tools to Irish SMEs. They specialise in creating integrated, streamlined organisations thereby resulting in reduced costs and empowered management.

Lean Business Course:

Lean Business Tools

The main objective of this project was to establish where the customer support effort was being consumed – by product and by customer.

MCS Computers provides many hours of support to its customers across a range of supported solutions and products. The company did not have a clear view of the costs of this support – by customer or by product.

On completion of this course, the management of this company are now in a position to evaluate the true costs of support and have supported documentation for commercial negotiations with their customers.


This company achieved an additional 3% on profit margin of customer support.  Management are now able to accurately analyse the costs of supporting their individual clients.

“When I started this Lean programme, I was looking from my customers view point – how we can do things better for our clients? But the course made me think about how we in MCS can improve our own processes.  The method of delivering the workshop has helped us to deliver a business review process to our clients and made us realise what we are delivering to our customers.  The trainer and mentor on this course made me get involved and pushed me all the way.” Conor O’Connell

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