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Measuring the Performance of your Organisation

Everyone in your organisation can contribute to improving the performance of the organisation and the client experience. 

“What gets measured, gets managed” True?  If we measure our sales, will they improve?

  1. Accurate and understandable measurement is a first step.  The question is whether measurement then drives behaviours
  1. In the right environment, encouraging a change in process or behaviour to impact on the measurement, results in a win-win situation.  The team might make a change that positively impacts the measurement – a win.

If the change negatively impacts the measurement, the goal is to extract as much learning from this situation as possible to inform future changes.

The Lean approach sets out to provide guidance on how teams might tackle process improvement

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Environment for Process Improvement

Creating the environment for process improvement is the role of the leadership team.  Establishing the right measurements is key and ensuring that they are easy to understand and regularly communicated.

Better still if the local teams have the data and systems to monitor their own performance real-time.

Poorly thought-out measurements can drive the wrong behaviours.  In one role supporting a call centre, there was a heavy emphasis on the number of sales calls each team member achieved daily.  Average call handling time was seen as key to achieving their cost goals.  However, the highest performing staff member on this metric was converting the lowest percentage of potential clients.  The ‘rushed’ calls were losing potential customers. 

Simple presence and recognition from leadership goes a long way.  Providing timely support to the team when needed can be greatly appreciated.  Offering ongoing learning and development support is key.

Click the link below to see our short video to introduce OEE – a standard for process measurement

LeanTools Training Programme

You could consider investing in training to help educate your team about measurement.  A Lean approach structures the teams changes and aims to impact on the measurement.

Training sessions can also help boost employee satisfaction and be seen as a recognition of their value.  Understanding OEE and performance measurement is just one of the many topics covered in our LeanTools programme.

A New Approach to Lean Training

LeanTools Online Mentoring Session

Over the last 18 months, we have developed an innovative online approach that delivers outstanding results both in terms of training and real measurable benefits.  Our online training solution combines the latest interactive technologies with individual employee participation in a structured team environment.

The original 5-day classroom programme is now split into 10 half-day online workshops.  This allows your employees to continue working from home while completing our training course.

Learning Outcomes

You and your team will be able to:

  1. Assess your organisation against the 5 Lean Principles and 10 wastes.
  2. Define process improvement terms of reference.
  3. Run a Kaizen event within your company.
  4. Apply the 8-step process improvement methodology.
  5. Assess lead times in your business with Value Stream Mapping.
  6. Apply the 5S approach to workplace organisation.
  7. Control of material or information with Kanban.
  8. Reduce changeover or critical time windows with SMED.
  9. Define standard practice with Standard Work.
  10. Ensure better efficiency with an Asset Care programme.

Our approach to training is unique and you’ll also get 8 individual 1-1 mentor sessions to help you and your team to effectively apply your ideas to your business.

Feedback from Previous Participants

I thought I’d share some feedback with you from people who have already completed this training programme.  In addition, it shows how our Lean Training Programmes has changed their approach to problem solving.

“I really enjoyed the course and have learned more than I could have asked for. My mentoring sessions were very helpful and the guidance given was brilliant.”

“Working with the mentors on my own project has allowed me to apply the knowledge I had learned from training.  It also gave me an opportunity to better understand the different tools with the experience and guidance from my Mentor.”

“I found my mentoring sessions after the training to be a great help and kept me on track.  They really provided more structure to my project and allowed me the opportunity to reach out to a Lean expert when I had questions or concerns about my project.”

“I found my mentor sessions really useful as they challenged me to think about the impact of my project in a totally different but more powerful way.”

Why Use Lean?

Successful companies worldwide use Lean tools everyday to make their business more competitive.  Lean methodologies can:

  • Improve fulfilment lead-time to customers and their experience.
  • Achieve customer loyalty and retention.
  • Decrease required floor space.
  • Improve end-to-end process flow and accuracy.
  • Integrate technology more effectively.
  • Improve communication across departments and minimise conflicts.
  • Expand services with less resources.
  • Improve morale – free up people to do strategic and proactive work.
  • Make individual and departmental responsibilities crystal clear.
  • Maximise invested capital.
  • Create a more focused and profitable organisation.
LeanTools Group Training

How do I book?

Early booking is essential as spaces for our mentor sessions are limited.  Contact us today to reserve your place.  If you prefer, you can also schedule a free online consultation to discuss this programme.

You may also be interested in reading about our LeanTeams Virtual Training Solutions and the Best Start to Problem Solving.  All our blogs are available to read here.  Please connect with us on Linkedin and Twitter.

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