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Our Mission

Our mission is to help organisations develop their operational excellence capability. Our Consultants and Trainers do this by providing specialised training and one-on-one mentoring.

We are committed to promoting the adoption, advancement and implementation of Lean Business Strategies in both manufacturing and service companies.

About Our Company

ETAC was established in 2006 to bring automated solutions to organisations weighed down with unnecessary paperwork. Our idea was to bring workflow tracking from our electronics background to new sectors.

Our Lean Business approach to workflow and understanding processes led to significant project work and training engagements for our company.

Our goal is to engage and develop the capability of your staff to improve your operational processes. We work together as a team to meet the needs of our customers and to help companies grow and succeed.

Meet our Team below - click on an image to view our team's qualifications and experience. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Meet Your Dedicated Lean Business Team

Meet our team - Steve Halpin


Lean Trainer and Mentor


Lean Trainer and Mentor
Meet our team - Martina Murphy


Meet our team - Natalie Cooke


Business Mentor – CRM, Sales
Meet our team - Kieron Byrne


Meet our team - Martine Denihan


Meet our team - Willie Cleary


Meet the team - Brian O Connor


Business Trainer and Mentor
Meet our team - Ed Flanagan


Meet our team - Trish Ferguson


Carolina Blackman Nunez


Moodle Administrator

Steve Halpin

Steve leads the team at ETAC providing Lean business solutions to companies throughout Ireland. With a background in engineering, Steve has over 20 years experience in operations management in multi-national organisations. Steve’s belief is that employees can significantly improve their processes with the right training and guidance. He has supported process improvements in all sectors including manufacturing, retail, legal, financial services, logistics and healthcare. His approach is to coach rather than direct and he is passionate about creating better, simpler lean business solutions for his clients thereby achieving operational excellence.

John Geoghegan

John provides consultancy, training and mentoring to companies on business process improvement. With a background in engineering and operations, he uses Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to improve business performance from the perspective of all stakeholders.  He has recently mentored improvement projects in R&D, manufacturing, printing, engineering, retail, service, legal and chemicals sectors.

Martina Murphy

Martina is an experienced Senior Executive in global and regional corporate positions. She is skilled in strategic planning, account management, talent management, coaching, organisational development, Lean business and change management.

Martina is keen to work with organisations where the cultural values align with her own personal beliefs. By empowering leaders, managers and their teams through caring enabling work environments, it is possible to achieve long term success and operational excellence.

Natalie Cooke

Natalie is passionate about growing and developing businesses.  Lean business, process improvement, business development, sales & marketing, administration consultant, mentor, independent ERP, CRM consultant and trainer are all part of her portfolio of services.

Natalie has won several awards in business development and Customer Relationship Management.  She is also an approved provider of several LEO (Local Enterprise Office) and Enterprise Ireland mentorship programmes and training courses.

Kieron Byrne

Kieron is a highly motivated, dynamic and innovative professional with 25 years senior management experience in Lean business, procurement, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, high volume manufacturing, operations management and project management.

Most recently he has acted as Programme Director on a number of large and high profile property transformation initiatives.  Kieron focuses on the achievement of results with particular attention on continuous improvement, functional transformation, change management and cost reduction strategies.

He has excellent communication, negotiation and team management skills as well as international experience.  Kieron’s portfolio includes sourcing, purchasing, supplier performance management, eSourcing systems, operations management, SCM, competitive analysis, property transformation project management, cost reduction programme management, supplier relationship management.

He has also received the Procurement Leaders Award from the Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management.

Martine Denihan

Martine started out her career in computers as systems operator, programmer, business systems analyst and in the last 20 years was IT Manager with Barclay Chemicals.  During this time, Martine also filled various other management roles in the areas of Quality, Customer Service and HR.  In 2010 as “Lean Champion” she started on a Lean transformation cultural journey working to the Shingo Standard.  This involved defining the company culture and its supporting behaviours while creating the environment to embed them in line with the Lean principles.  In this role Martine demonstrated her ability to influence, coach and mentor at every level to bring about change.  Martine is a Lean advocate and understands from experience that strong leaders are required to drive a Lean culture and they need coaching and support from expert mentors.

Willie Cleary

Willie is an experienced Management Consultant with over 16 years’ experience in supporting board members in making sound financial decisions.  He has implemented regulatory and legislative changes maintaining standards at a corporate level.  Willie has written, developed and implemented strategies on a number of assignments across diverse industries as well as successfully managed resulting change.

He has experience across numerous business sectors including construction, medical, engineering, meat processing, plastic manufacturing, oil & lubricant distribution, wine wholesaling & retailing, fashion wholesaling & retailing and charity.

He is a fellow and member of the following professional organisations:

  • Fellowship of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.
  • Fellowship of Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.
  • Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (Distinction).
  • Member of Tipperary LEO Evaluation & Approvals Committee & Mentor Panel.
  • Member of IntertradeIreland Brexit Advisory, Elevate & Acumen Consultant Panels.
  • Member of Failte Ireland Business Mentor Panel.

Brian O'Connor

Brian is an experienced Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer & Facilitator.  He specialises in working with businesses and individuals to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude, to help them move to the next level.

Brian has extensive business experience working in the corporate and SME sectors for over 30 years.  His knowledge and experience include sales, compliance, HR, property and sports management.  This allows him to challenge individuals to set out their vision of where they want to take their business and how to get there.

In short Brian connects with people to identify talents available to facilitate growth in their company.

Ed Flanagan

Ed is passionate about fresh perspectives on improving performance and removing obstacles to growth.

He is a firm believer in treating people not as they are, but as they can become, so as to enable them to grow.  He focuses on practical solutions which deliver effective results and operational excellence.

Ed has developed, reviewed and negotiated business cases in areas as diverse as pricing, staffing, investments, VC engagement, Go/No Go decisions, insource or outsource, scaling up/down operations and organisations, own/rent property, Service Level Agreements and procurement cases. He has successfully project managed the execution of several of these decisions. He has been recognised with several awards including two IBM Exceptional Achievement awards, and the Chamber of Commerce of Ireland President’s Award.

Trish Ferguson

Trish is the Office Manager at ETAC and has over 16 years administration experience in a range of roles including Marketing Executive, Office Manager, PA & Legal Secretary.

Carolina Blackman Nunez

Carolina is a journalist who loves languages and writing.  She specialises in marketing, communications and learning management systems.  She has worked for several universities and institutes in Venezuala, Colombia and the USA as a Languages Professor in the schools of nursing, health, business, IT and education and as the main LMS Administrator.

With a background in Communication Sciences, she has been working as a journalist and magazine editor.  She has also worked as a Languages Professor in a high school, designing online courses for children.

Carolina loves languages, teaching and is always open to learning new things.  She is always available to help clients and deal with any enquiries.