Tracey Solicitors

Over the past 30 years, Tracey Solicitors have built a team and process to support people who have been involved in personal injury accidents and medical negligence claims.  In addition, they have dealt with thousands of different cases and are proud of their record of client care and success to date.

Their mission is “to achieve consistent excellence across all aspects of their business.  They do so through the relentless pursuit of their clients’ needs, delivered by a trusted, empathetic and innovative team, and supported by best-in-class systems and processes.”

Tracey Solicitors are proud of their record of success.  Along with their legal expertise they have the unique combination of winning the Most Outstanding Personal Injury Solicitors Award and the Award for Excellence and Innovation in Client Service in 2019. 

Tracey Solicitors have been recognised as a Great Place to Work – ranked within the Top 20 in 2019 and 2020. They have also been accredited a Q9000 Standard – achieved 100% every year since 2017 – from the Institute of Legal Research & Standards and given to elite law firms who have exceptional risk and quality procedures in place.

We provide a highly organised, streamlined and effective legal service, where planning and productivity results in business excellence.

Lean Project Objectives

We have worked with Tracey Solicitors over the last few years.  Since then, we have been assisting them to improve their services using our Lean Business Tools training programme.

While working with them, their employees identified process improvements that could be made within their own work areas.  These projects related to Will Generator Preparing Files for Hearing and Centralised Undertakings Register.  A brief outline of 3 of these Lean projects is described below. You can also read the full case studies below.  You may also be interested in our other case studies.

Case Study 1

Will Generator

Our first case study for Tracey Solicitors was identified by an employee at the firm.  She saw that there was an opportunity to grow the company by having a system and process to carry out effective and accurate work.  Her project was writing Wills for their clients.  This is highly skilled but can be time consuming for the solicitor.  She saw that there was a need for a Will Generator System using a standardised and safe procedure.  Read the full case study here.

Case Study 2

Preparing Files for Hearing

Our second case study for Tracey Solicitors concerns preparing files for Hearing.  This project was developed by an employee who saw an opportunity to make an improvement to the business.   It was taking almost 6 hours to prepare a file before a solicitor takes a file to Court.  If the case is settled, then the paper file is not used.  If the case runs to a Hearing, then the file may be required.  In both cases, the file is returned to the office and kept until costs are agreed.  Read the full case study here.

Case Study 3

Undertakings Register

This third Lean project was identified by a team member.  It related to Centralised Undertakings Register.  The aim was to introduce a standardised, automated register that is accurate and promotes better risk management.  Furthermore, she identified that this could be rolled out to all case types, for example, Wills Register and Deeds Register.  Read the full case study here.

Tracey Solicitors Personal Injury

“Excellent programme with the added bonus of learning new tips and the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with other participants. After doing this course, you learn that even a small change can eliminate a lot of a waste in a daily work routine.”